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Member of the Board of Directors

Maciej Andrzej Libiszewski is responsible for wholesale (refinery, monomers and polyolefins), and for logistics and transportation of fuels and products.

Before coming to Unipetrol, he served as Member of the Board of Directors in several companies, including the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AWT BV, Amsterdam, Chairman of the Board of PKP Cargo and Vice-Chairman of POL-RAIL, based in Rome. From 2009 to 2011 he worked as an expert in the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland responsible for economic affairs.

Professional career:
  • 2018 - present
​Unipetrol, Member of the BoD
  • ​2015 - 2017
AWT BV with head office in Amsterdam, Chairman of the BoD
  • ​2015 - 2017
​POL-RAIL S.r.l. with head office in Rome, Vice-Chairman of the BoD
  • ​2015 - 2017
PKP CARGO S.A., Chairman of the BoD
  • ​2011 - 2012
SREBRNA Sp. z o.o., Member of the BoD responsible for real estate and transformation
  • ​2009 - 2011
​Office of the President of the Republic of Poland, expert responsible for economic affairs - mainly in the field of railway transport, and partially for coal mining and energy
  • ​2006
​Polish/German management degree at Berlin International Academy - finance, management, and marketing course
  • ​1993 - 1998
University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Law - Master of Laws

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