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Blog of Adam Czyźewski

Blog of Adam Czyźewski

Electromobility ecosystem

13-07-2018  | 

For the average car user, electromobility is associated with electric-powered passenger vehicles, chargers, quick acceleration and numerous urban traffic facilities. ... more »

Increased uncertainty and higher oil prices

28-05-2018  | 

Oil prices were expected to stay low for longer, but here they are on the rise again. The increase in spot prices to more than USD 70 per barrel of Brent crude was driven by geopolitical factors, which can disrupt short-term supplies. ... more »

Weak dollar, cheap oil

07-03-2018  | 

The prices of crude oil and liquid fuels are quoted in US dollars, with transactions also made in that currency. ... more »

Oil prices up, margins down

01-02-2018  | 

Why did refining margins go down in the last quarter of 2017? ... more »

Fair of the future

20-04-2017  | 

The trend is your friend. ... more »

Ecosystem of innovations

13-03-2017  | 

Anyone interested in new technologies knows that the best technology is not always a winning one. ... more »

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