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UNIPETROL, a.s. Identification no. 61672190, with its registered office at Prague 4, Na Pankráci 127, postal code 14000, registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Metropolitan Court in Prague, section B, file 3020 (hereinafter "Unipetrol"), represents that all personal data processed by the company are treated as strictly confidential and are handled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations applicable to personal data protection. The security of your personal data is Unipetrol's priority.
Under the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), Unipetrol is the controller of your personal data, i.e. it collects, stores and uses (and otherwise processes) your personal data in order to pursue its business activities (individual purposes for which the personal data are processed are specified below).
This Privacy Notice applies to all personal data collected by Unipetrol during your use of the Unipetrol website (hereinafter "the Website") and as part of the following:

  • performance of a contract made between you and Unipetrol companies;
  • performance of a contract made between you and a contractual partner of Unipetrol (service partners);
  • compliance with a legal obligation;
  • legitimate interest of the group or any of the companies within the Unipetrol Group; or
  • consent to personal data processing received.

Personal data may be obtained via the Website or when Unipetrol products are purchased or Unipetrol services are used by you.
This Privacy Notice describes the purposes of personal data processing and the manners of using your personal data, they provide information regarding individual categories of personal data thus processed, individual recipients of personal data, the storage period of personal data and your rights regarding the protection of personal data.




Your personal data may be processed by Unipetrol in particular for the following purposes:

  • Performance of a contract (e.g. if a purchase contract or a transport contract);
  • Accounting and tax purposes (compliance with legal obligations under accounting and tax legislation);
  • Compliance with other legal obligations (such legal obligations, with which Unipetrol is to comply include, without limitation, providing information to authorities involved in criminal proceedings or to other public authorities);
  • Security and protection (using a camera system in the premises of the registered office  of the company) for the purpose of ensuring security.



Unipetrol is entitled to process the following personal data in accordance with the purpose for which they were obtained from the data subjects:


​Data subject data ​Purposes of processing:
​Name and surname ​Performance of a contract, accounting and tax purposes, compliance with other legal obligations
​Contact address ​Performance of a contract, accounting and tax purposes, compliance with other legal obligations
​E-mail ​Performance of a contract, compliance with other legal obligations
​Telephone no. ​Performance of a contract, compliance with other legal obligations
​Account number ​Performance of a contract, accounting and tax purposes
​Identification number, tax ID ​Performance of a contract, accounting and tax purposes, compliance with other legal obligations
​VIN and other information concerning the motor vehicle ​Performance of a contract, compliance with other legal obligations

In Unipetrol, personal data are processed both manually and by automated means. Personal data are processed by automated means for the purpose of performance of a contract made with you, in particular to secure internal procedures of Unipetrol and its contractual partners.
Unipetrol is entitled to collect, store and use certain information through automated means, e.g. statistical information whenever you visit our Website


In Unipetrol, your personal data are disclosed only to authorised employees or individual contractual processors and controllers of personal data contracted by Unipetrol, and only in the extent necessary for the individual purposes of processing, or on the basis of a consent to personal data processing.
List of Unipetrol personal data recipients:

  • Public authorities: such as Tax Office, Czech Social Security Administration ;
  • Insurance companies
  • PKN ORLEN, a holding company providing IT support for the personal data processing system;
  • Statistics Office in an form rendered anonymous;
  • External auditors.

Under certain conditions we are entitled to disclose your personal data based on the applicable laws and regulations to the authorities involved in criminal proceedings or to other public authorities.
Unipetrol, as a member of the ORLEN Group, uses IT system consolidation and your personal data are stored on servers in Poland.


We process and store your personal data for as long as the personal data are necessary in relation to all rights and obligations arising from the relevant contractual relationship and for such a period during which Unipetrol is obliged to store such personal data as a personal data controller in compliance with the binding laws and regulations or for which you have given us your consent to the processing. In other cases, the period of processing is based on the purpose of processing or it is otherwise determined.
We process personal data in accordance with the purpose of their processing for the following periods:


​Purpose of processing ​Storage period
​Performance of a contract ​for the term of the contract and for 5 years after the termination of the contractual relationship
​Accounting and tax purposes ​for 10 years from the following calendar year after the performance is provided
​Compliance with other legal obligations ​for the maximum period of 5 years after the termination of the contract


1. What are cookies?
For the purpose hereof, cookies mean cookie files and other similar technologies (e.g. pixels, web signals or device identifiers) that automatically collect data when you visit our Website.
Cookies are small files in your browser or mobile application designed to store and receive identifiers and other information about computers, telephones and other devices you use to access our Website, that help us provide, protect and improve the services offered by us.

2. What is their purpose?
Cookies enable us to record information regarding your visit to our Website and our mobile application and thanks to their use your next visit will be easier and quicker.
Cookies in particular:

  • help efficient navigation on the Website or the app, enable personalisation, storing pre-selections and improve the consumer impression of the Website in general;
  • enable us to distinguish whether a particular user visited the Website in the past or if it is a new visitor;

3. Do I have to give my consent to cookies?
Unipetrol uses cookies when you visit our Website, most often to customize the content or to prepare anonymous statistics regarding the visit rate.
The Website saves two categories of cookie files:

  • cookie files necessary for the operation of the Website and enabling functions that are necessary for the use of the Website. For the use of such necessary cookie files the user's consent is not necessary.
  • cookie files that are not completely essential for the operation of the Website, however their use improves the user's impression and makes the viewing of the Website easier.

4. Does Unipetrol use third-party cookies?
The Website uses its own cookies, namely

​Issuer / Name ​Name and function ​Durability
​Orlenpl_font_size ​File responsible for the font size on the Website ​Session

 We also use third-party cookies that serve to prepare anonymous statistics of visit rate and typical behaviour of the users on individual pages. Those third parties usually store only the name of the cookie in relation to the use of cookies. Those are:

​Issuer / Name ​Name and function ​Durability
​Google Analytics
(third-party cookies)
_ga, _gat, _gat_ and different variants
​Tracking, Converse
Measure visit rate with the help of Google Analytics tools, enable anonymous identification of the website visitor and analysis of the visitor's behaviour. Collects IP address, browser information, information regarding the operating system and screen resolution.
​0 - 24 months
​CookiePolicyAccepted ​File that provides information regarding whether the user accepted the cookie policy ​Session
​Orlenpl_font_size ​File responsible for the font size on the Website ​Session
​CookiePolicyAccepted ​File that provides information regarding whether the user accepted the cookie policy ​​Session
​AcceptBondsInformation ​File that provides information whether the user accepted the message regarding the cookies that was displayed at the top of the site ​Session
​RedirectToMobile ​File responsible for redirecting to the mobile version of the website ​Session
​WBPRestrictedContentToken ​File that enables displaying the hidden content of the website ​Session
​__utma ​File responsible for statistical data ​Session
​__utmb ​File responsible for statistical data ​Session
​__utmc ​File responsible for statistical data ​Session
​__utmt ​File responsible for statistical data ​Session
​__utmz ​File responsible for statistical data ​Session

 5. How long do the cookies remain in the computer?
On our website we use two basic types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: Those cookies are temporary. They save cookies in your browser only until you finish working with the browser. Those cookies are necessary for the proper working of the Website and related applications;
  • Persistent cookies: We can use those cookies for your easier and more comfortable orientation on our Website (e.g. and easier and faster navigation). Those cookies remain in your browser for a longer period of time. The length of the period depends on the settings of your browser. Persistent cookies allow us to transfer information to an internet server during each visit to the Website.

6. Can I decline cookies?
Cookies may be disabled in the settings of your Internet browser or you can enable only certain types of cookies. However, if you disable Unipetrol cookies, certain functions may not work the way they should.
You can find the setting of the privacy features in your computer where you can decline or disable cookies in the menu of your Internet browser. In the most common Internet browsers, you will find the setting regarding cookies on the following websites:



As a data subject, you have the rights below arising from the legislation which can be exercised at any time. They include the right (i) to access your personal data, (ii) to have inaccurate or incorrect personal data rectified, (iii) to demand explanation if there is a suspected breach of the protection of personal and private life due to personal data processing or a suspected breach of laws and regulations regarding personal data processing, (iv) to have your personal data deleted if they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or otherwise processed or if it transpires that they were processed illegally, (v) to have the processing of personal data restricted, (vi) to data portability, and (vii) the right to object to processing following which the processing of your personal data will be discontinued, unless it is proven that there are compelling legitimate grounds for such processing that prevail over the interests or the rights and freedoms of the data subject, in particular if the ground is a possible enforcement of legal claims. You can also turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection (, where you may file your complaints.

  • Right to have access personal data: if you are interested in whether Unipetrol processes your personal data, you are entitled to obtain information regarding whether your personal data are being processed and if so, you are entitled to gain access to your persona data. If your request is repeated, Unipetrol is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for a copy of personal data provided to you. We will inform you about such a procedure.
  • Right to have inaccurate and incorrect personal data rectified: if you think that Unipetrol processes any inaccurate or incorrect personal data of yours, you are entitled to demand a rectification thereof. Unipetrol will rectify such data without undue delay, however taking into account the technical possibilities.
  • Right to demand an explanation: if you suspect that Unipetrol breaches the protection of your personal and private life by processing your personal data or that your personal data are being processed in conflict with the laws and regulations, you are entitled to demand an explanation from Unipetrol.
  • Right to have personal data deleted: if you request a deletion, Unipetrol will delete your personal data, provided that (i) they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or otherwise processed, (ii) the processing is illegal, (iii) you object to processing and there are no prevailing legitimate grounds for the processing or (iv) Unipetrol has the statutory obligation to do so.
  • Right to have the processing of personal data restricted: if you are not interested in having your data deleted, only in having the processing of your personal data temporarily restricted, you may request that Unipetrol restricts the processing of your personal data.
  • Right to data portability: if you want Unipetrol to transfer your personal data to a third party, you can exercise your right to data portability. Unipetrol will not be able to comply with your request if the rights and freedoms of third parties could be prejudiced by the exercise of your right.
  • Right to object: you are entitled to object to processing of your personal data that are being processed for the purpose of acting in the public interest or in exercising public authority or for the purpose of the protection of legitimate interests of Unipetrol. Should Unipetrol fail to prove that there is a compelling legitimate ground for the processing that prevails over your interests or rights or freedoms, Unipetrol will discontinue the processing without undue delay.

Please send requests to exercise your rights by mail addressed to the registered office of Unipetrol or by e-mail to Unipetrol reserves the right to verify the identity of the data subject exercising the rights specified above.

This Privacy Notice takes effect as at 25 May 2018.



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