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2. sezóna
“Let’s talk about it” je prostor pro diskuze o nastávajících změnách a jejich vlivu na výrobce i spotřebitele. Čím dál víc si všímáme, že stávající ekonomické modely nejsou dlouhodobě udržitelné, proto musíme společně pracovat na inovacích a vytváření nových struktur. Tak velká změna po nás vyžaduje rozumnou diskuzi, pátrání po kreativních řešeních a spolupráci ve všech úrovních. Mluvit o tom musíme. „Let’s talk about it“ k tomu poskytuje prostor.

ORLEN Unipetrol uvádí „Let’s talk about it”- sérii rozhovorů s experty a inovátory o trendech politiky udržitelnosti. „Let’s talk about it“ je místo ke sdílení názorů, zkoumání nových nápadů a autentické debatě o naší budoucnosti.​​


Gajdoš_uni as web.png
​​Martin Gajdoš​​​

​​​Using hydrogen to decarbonize production. Plastic waste recycling via pyrolysis. Supporting young talent and passing on knowledge to the next generation. Petrochemical giant ORLEN Unipetrol wants to lead the way to a more sustainable future. Will these projects help them green the refinery industry? ...

​Václav Bystrianský​

​​Decarbonizing heavy industry is no small task and an ambitious goal for many conscious companies. Michael talks to Ing. Václav Bystrianský from UniCRE research and development center to learn about the the role of hydrogen in creating a cleaner economic model for our future.

​Round Table

​​What is the future of plastics? Will nationwide bans eliminate this material for good? Will we find better techniques of reusing the valuable molecules contained inside? And who will take responsibility? Find out all this and more in this LTAI exclusive debate with returning guests.

Kotek_YTthumb_KORPO_web_miniatura.jpg Jiří Kotek

​​The European Academies Science Advisory Council put together a list of recommendations for the successful integration of plastics into a circular economy. But are they realistic? Michael sits down with director of the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry...

Vosecky_YTthumb_KORPO.jpg Vojtěch Vosecký​​

A transition to circular economy sounds great on paper, but is it´s application realistic? Circular economy expert Vojtěch Vosecký returns to the show to discuss how the city of Prague is preparing for a sustainable future in the construction...

jefff_os_thum.jpg Jeff Osterroth​​

Is packaging a necessary component of modern commerce or needlessly wasted material that only ends up as trash? Michael and Jeffrey Osterroth, general manage​r of the ATOZ group...

Martin Hobrland

Waste is a “commodity” that’s been with us since the beginning of time.  As the human population keeps growing, the amount of waste keeps on growing while natural resources...

Robert Suchopa

Plastic material and plastic waste are home to unused energy and incredible potential. Is chemical recycling the best way to get this value back into the cycle? ...

Aleš Bláha

Reusing and recycling plastic waste sounds like a no-brainer. But it’s not always the smartest solution. What should be done with waste that can’t be efficiently recycled to avoid landfills? ...


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