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As a leader in the petrochemical and refining industry and a major employer in the Czech Republic, we are constantly striving to raise public awareness of the importance of chemistry in everyday life, to try to intensify the interest of the younger generation in the study of chemistry and to support students and schools in their study and educational efforts. Just during the last school year we engaged with almost three thousand children in cooperation with the Unipetrol Foundation and funded 134 students and 14 secondary schools.
Unipetrol Foundation
An important extension of Unipetrol's training activities was the establishment of the Unipetrol Foundation in 2017 to support secondary school and university students and secondary schools themselves. Within the framework of the scholarship programme, the foundation has distributed scholarships worth a total of CZK 1.5 million among 22 secondary and 18 university students in the science and technical fields. Within the framework of the grant programme aimed at supporting educational and scientific activities, CZK 2.7 million was distributed to twelve secondary schools across the whole country.
Popularising Chemistry Among Elementary School Pupils
The Unipetrol Foundation has run a half-day seminar called a Wonderful Day with Chemistry in Litvínov and Pilsen for one thousand primary school pupils, during which lecturers and scientists from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic brought children into the world of chemistry in a fun way. Another activity is the EduBus Mobile Chemical Laboratory. Over 1,200 children from 10 elementary schools have already tried out attractive chemical experiments.
Supporting High Schools and Their Students
We also support vocational secondary schools in our regions. We are a partner of the EDUCHEM High School in Meziboří near Litvínov and the Secondary School of Environmental Protection - Schola Humanitas in Litvínov. We financially support schools in their educational efforts and their students in their studies. In the school year 2017/2018, we organised excursions to manufacturing plants for more than 540 students. Seventy students from seven secondary schools and grammar schools have also visited Spolana Neratovice, another company from the Unipetrol Group, in the past year. In addition, the first year of the three-month Chemist’s Challenge culminated at the end of June and was attended by 85 students from 16 elementary schools in the Central Bohemia Region.
A Long-term Partner of UCT Prague
The main goal of the long-term cooperation with the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT), which has been going on for 17 years, is to popularise chemistry among young people, to help the UCT in its educational activities and to encourage students to study in the form of scholarships. Common activities include, for example, the Modern Chemistry Hour project, during which students from the UCT perform at primary and secondary schools all over the Czech Republic with an interactive demonstration class full of experiments. Other joint projects include the annual Chemistry Olympics for students of the highest grades of secondary schools. Projects aimed at teacher education include the Summer School for Secondary School Teachers and Secondary School Students and the Autumn School for Chemistry Teachers. Within the framework of the Student Scientific Conference project, students from secondary schools are rewarded each year for the best presentation.
University Centre
The long-term cooperation with the UCT, which started in 2002, culminated in the foundation of the University Centre UCT Prague – Unipetrol in 2015, which is located directly in the Unipetrol production area in Záluží near Litvínov. In the Centre, university educators can combine theoretical teaching with practice. In the school year 2017/2018, 42 students worked in four university fields of study in the University Centre. Twelve of them successfully completed their studies by submitting a bachelor’s, diploma or dissertation paper. 
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Student Scientific Conference
Another activity in support of study efforts and the development of experience is the Student Scientific Conference which we have been organising since 2015 in cooperation with the Institute of Chemistry and Technology and the UniCRE Research Centre. Every year, at the end of November, a conference is held in which students present the results of their research work. The works are divided into around 60 sections according to their professional orientation, and each competing student presents their work in front of a professional committee in the form of a short lecture or poster. The best works in all the sections are rewarded with valuable prizes.
Journey to the Mystery of Oil
The journey to the mystery of oil opens the virtual gates to the refinery in the premises of the chemical plant in Litvínov. This interactive programme describes oil processing and production processes. Although designed primarily for primary and secondary schools, it is a useful and interesting tool for acquainting the individual with the processes that take place in the Litvínov chemical plant, thanks to the teacher's interpretation (created in the programme). You can view the programme directly in the online version.
Experience Chemistry
Chemistry might not be boring. After all! Primary and secondary school students can find out at Through the form of videos, tutorials and tests, the portal introduces the chemistry in a fun and attractive way. To interest young fans, we have also set up a Facebook page where you can find competitions with interesting prizes, new events and videos. Join us and become our fan at
Partnership with Zlatý Ámos
The Zlatý Ámos poll for the most popular teacher in the Czech Republic is announced and organised by the non-governmental and independent civic association Klub Domino and the Children's Press Agency. The mission of the poll is primarily to popularise teachers who, according to pupils and students, make a significant contribution to creating a high-quality relationship between pupils and teachers. Unipetrol supports the poll from the position of a silver partner and has spearheaded the emergence of the category of the most popular chemistry teacher.
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Partnership with the National Technical Museum
Since 2013, an exhibition called Chemistry Around Us has been part of the display at the National Technical Museum. This area is very popular with museum visitors. The National Technical Museum in Prague was established in 1908 and extensive collections have been created here documenting the development of many technical disciplines, natural sciences and industry in the territory of today's Czech Republic.

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