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Responsible Neighbour
We are a responsible and caring partner and neighbour. We support social and community life and the development of the regions in which we operate. We are a partner of major social, cultural and sporting events. We help the cities and towns in our neighbourhood.
Fulfilled Wishes
From 2011, we organise a Christmas collection called Fulfilled Wishes through which give financial help to selected non-profit organisations from five regions. Our employees annually donate financial contributions to charity and Unipetrol then doubles the selected amount. The total proceeds from all seven years of the charitable collection so far total CZK 2,062,086.
For more detail, visit: Fulfilled Wishes Most a Litvínov

Volunteer Days
The volunteer days in the five regions follow on from the Fulfilled Wishes collection every year. Our staff go to selected non-profit organisations to help clean, repair and enhance the local environment. Since 2012, 427 employees have been involved in this event, who have already worked 3 407 volunteer hours.

Fuel for Life
We don’t only help financially and through our voluntary work: we also regularly donate blood in our five locations. Throughout the project, our employees have donated 206 liters of blood and saved over 1870 lives.
Donations to Municipalities
As an important player in the market, we feel obliged to help the regions we are historically connected with and in which we have our production facilities. Every year, we contribute to cities and towns in the immediate vicinity of our refineries. Funds are used to develop activities in the social sphere, in the areas of culture, social life and sport.
For more details, see the press release.
HC VERVA Litvínov
The Litvínov hockey club was founded in 1945 and we started to support it in that very same year. Our Unipetrol Group is a 70.95% majority owner of the club.  HC VERVA Litvínov. The club's general partner since 2007 has been Benzina, and since then the club has been named HC VERVA Litvínov, which is inspired by the name of the VERVA premium fuel.
For more details, visit:

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