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Science and Research
Our group has been the only processor in the Czech Republic for years and is at the same time the leading centre for research and development in the refinery and petrochemical sector. We cooperate with a number of professional workplaces on the academic sector and the commercial sphere both at home and abroad. Our group includes two research and development centres focused on refinery products (Litvínov) and petrochemical products (Brno).
In 2014, Unipetrol výzkumně vzdělávací centrum, a.s. (UniCRE) was established near the chemical plant in Litvínov. This connects research with teaching and industry practice, linking to the almost 70-year tradition of chemical technology research in Litvínov and Ústí nad Labem. In addition to researchers, the modern facilities, including high-end equipment, are also used by students at the University Centre of UCT Prague. Through its research and educational activities, UniCRE facilitates the transfer of knowledge from research into practice and greatly supports education in the Ústí region.
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The Polymer Institute Brno (PIB) registered branch has the status of a research, development and production organisation working on a contract basis. In addition to its research and development activities, it concentrates on the production of plastic additive concentrates (colour concentrates, stabiliser concentrates, special composites, fire-retardant materials, antistatic agents, nucleating agents and lubricants and fillers, etc.), sales of polymers and information and consulting services.

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