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Blog of Adam Czyżewski

Blog of Adam Czyźewski

Plastics and petrochemicals: facts and myths

04-08-2020  | 

We live in a world dominated by plas¬tics – almost everything we use in our everyday lives is made of plastic or con¬tains plastic components. ... more »

Patterns governing the oil market

14-05-2020  | 

No one needs to be convinced how difficult it is to predict oil price changes, although the reason is not ignorance of the oil and fuel price drivers, but the emergence of unforeseeable events affecting the relationship between demand and supply. ... more »

Lesson to be learned from the IMO regulations

18-02-2020  | 

When ten years ago I delved into the secrets of global energy markets, crude oil price was called 'the mother to ... ... more »

No one is interested in escalating the conflict

09-01-2020  | 

At the end of last year, we believed that the geopolitical tensions would ease, and we would enter 2020 with prospects of continued growth in the global economy. ... more »

What can be predicted are the consequences of our actions

03-01-2020  | 

The beginning of a new year is a period rife with forecasts and predictions. Among them, economic forecasts have an especially prominent place. ... more »

Decarbonise effectively and globally

03-12-2019  | 

The European Commission aspires to become a leader in decarbonisation. ... more »

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