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Blog of Adam Czyżewski

Blog of Adam Czyźewski

Decarbonise effectively and globally

03-12-2019  | 

The European Commission aspires to become a leader in decarbonisation. ... more »

You can’t lead by following others

12-11-2019  | 

It is high time we stopped thinking short-term, focusing only on what we must have right now, and instead think about who we want to be in Europe and in the world. What do we seek to accomplish as a society and economy? ... more »

Petrochemicals have a future

04-10-2019  | 

We live in a world dominated by plastics – almost everything we use in our everyday lives is made of plastic or contains plastic components. ... more »

A correction or weakening demand?

10-06-2019  | 

Between Thursday May 30th and Monday June 3rd, Brent oil prices lost a whopping 12% in just three trading days. ... more »

Prices to go down

02-05-2019  | 

Fuel prices are in the limelight again. ... more »

Minerals and metals – another barrier to energy development

17-04-2019  | 

Energy is essential for driving economic growth. Producing energy from fossil fuels has always been accompanied by fear about the size of mineral resources. ... more »


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