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Blog of Adam Czyżewski

Blog of Adam Czyźewski

How much strategy in the strategy?

22-03-2019  | 

Poland was the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to join the world’s most developed economies, but it is the only one in this group not yet having its own global product. ... more »

The economy is growing. But is it developing?

13-02-2019  | 

There are many indications that digitisation and transition from a linear production model to a circular model will be the key drivers of companies’ development in the coming decades. ... more »

Recent trends in oil markets

08-11-2018  | 

Concerns that US sanctions on Iran would lead to supply shortages drove a surge in oil prices. ... more »

Calm before the storm

28-08-2018  | 

This year’s summer is hot, not only in literal terms, but also geopolitically. US President Donald Trump has had a hand in that. ... more »

Electromobility ecosystem

13-07-2018  | 

For the average car user, electromobility is associated with electric-powered passenger vehicles, chargers, quick acceleration and numerous urban traffic facilities. ... more »

Increased uncertainty and higher oil prices

28-05-2018  | 

Oil prices were expected to stay low for longer, but here they are on the rise again. The increase in spot prices to more than USD 70 per barrel of Brent crude was driven by geopolitical factors, which can disrupt short-term supplies. ... more »


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