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General Characteristics

Ethylene is manufactured by pyrolysis of oil fractions. It is a colourless, non-toxic, extremely combustible, easily inflammable gas.

Ethylene is used as a monomer for the production of polymers (polyethylene and its copolymers), intermediate product for the production of monomers (ethylbenzene, vinyl chloride etc.) and other chemicals (ethylene oxide), technical gas for welding, cutting, etc. and as a component for the preparation of mixtures - e.g. calibration gases.

The product is classified as hazardous pursuant to Act No. 350/20011 Coll. and corresponding EU legal regulations (Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 CLP, Directive No 67/548/EHS or Directive No 1999/45/EC.


Parameter Unit Values Test Method
Ethylene % vol. min. 99,9 calculation
Propylene ppm vol. max. 50 gas chromatography
Methane and ethane ppm vol. max. 1000 gas chromatography
Acetylene​ ppm vol. max. 5 gas chromatography
Ethylenoxide​ ppm wt​ max. 1​ gas chromatography​
Dienes ppm vol. max. 5 gas chromatography
Oxygen ppm vol. max. 5 electrochemical
Hydrogen ppm vol. max. 10 gas chromatography
Carbon dioxide ppm vol. max. 10 gas chromatography
Carbon monoxide ppm vol. max. 10 gas chromatography
Sulphur (H2S + mercaptanes) ppm vol. max. 1 electrochemical
Water ppm wt max. 10 hygrometer
Ammonia ppm vol. max. 1 spectrophotometer
Alcohols (as methanol) ppm vol. max. 5 gas chromatography

Packaging, Storage, Transportation
Gaseous ethylene is transported via pipeline; liquid ethylene is transported in car tanks, made of stainless steel or aluminium alloys. Both the car and storage tanks are cooled bellow ethylene boiling point or pressurized.

Every single ethylene road transport must be accompanied by safety and emergency instruction.


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