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Responsible Neighbor

We contribute to the well-being of communities by working closely with them on managing the social impacts of our business activities, addressing any concerns about our operations, and enhancing the benefits we are able to provide.

In July 2019, we announced Unipetrol lidem​ campaign for Most region inhabitants to get involved in the submission of investments proposals that would contribute to the well-being of communities of Most and Litvínov in 2020.
The inhabitants submitted a total of 260 ideas. A jury composed of Unipetrol, Litvínov and Most authorities’ representatives has selected three proposals for each town. The inhabitants voted for the best investment. The winning project will be implemented with Unipetrol’s financial support, in each town in 2020.

Supporting local communities is beneficial either for inhabitants, among which our employees are, or for local authorities that have insufficient funding. We are glad to be part of city changes.

Speaking of communities, we also care about Polish minorities in the Czech Republic and tighten co-operation with Czech-Polish organizations.​



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