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Preventive measures
Unipetrol Group help and preventive measures regarding COVID-19


Unipetrol, which is part of the Czech Republic’s critical infrastructure, continues the production and supplies of fuels and other strategic commodities that are essential for the country’s functioning in the current emergency.


Preventive measures regarding COVID-19 taken by UNIPETROL GROUP

Convening the meetings of the Company's Crisis Committee since 16.03.2020 deciding in the following aspects:

Ongoing communication to employees, suppliers and clients​

Preventive measures/activities taken for the safety of employees, suppliers and clients

Implementation of PKN Orlen Ordinances in the premises of the all companies of UNIPETROL GROUP

Implementation of Czech Goverment Ordinance regarding safety of people

Monitoring measures issued by the state and their application to the company

Co-operation with Czech Authorities, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in particular

Dotations for state institutions and local communities​


- Immediate response to market demand of Disinfection liquid our Centre for Research and Education UNICRe started its production
- 5 000 litres of disinfection liquid distributed free of charge to Chempark area: Most and Ústí nad Labem hospitals, Most and Litvínov cities in particular, 
next 15 000 litres will be distributed in the upcoming days
- 500 protective suits will be donated in next days to intensive care department of Most hospital
- Each employee received 1liter of disinfection liquid for their families
- We distributed 950 masks, 500 respirators and 39 pieces of disinfectant dispensers amongst: Hospital Motol-Praha, Children Home in Most, Children Home in Kralupy nad Vltavu, Children Home Hora sv. Kateriny, Early Care Centre in Pardubice, Pensioners Home Nadeje Litvinov, Drug Harm Reduction Centre, Army Homeless Shelter, Homeless Shelter and Hospital
- We provided catering for Hospital Motol – Praha staff – 1950 nutritious sandwiches in total
- Spolana Neratovice provided the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic with approx. 10 000 litres of sodium hypochlorite (from which up to 50 tons of disinfection could be produced) and donated 20 litres of disinfection liquid to Neratovice Municipal Office + 10 liters of sodium hypochloride
- Upon request of Pardubice authorities, Paramo provided The Technical school (Chemická průmyslová škola) in Pardubice with three thousand litre bottles for the disinfection liquid. Paramo provided them for a symbolic price.

Benzina food and beverages donation – free drinks and food distributed for drivers stock in traffic at Czech-Polish border (Harrachov-Jakuszyce border crossing): bottled water, Verva energy drinks and packaged muffins. Co-operation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic Police (19.03) In total:

9675 Verva energy drinks

5184 muffins

3510 bottles of water

Náchod City received a donation from Benzina and the Polish Embassy of 11 pallets of goods worth almost 200,000 CZK as a thank you gift for all the help provided on the Polish-Czech border and the distribution of food packages for drivers on 19.03. Bottled water, Verva energy drinks and confectionery were delivered to the fire department by members of the Army of the Czech Republic, Police, Fire Brigade of the Hradec Králové region, volunteer firefighters, medical emergency services KHK, customs and police officers of Náchod (24.03)

In total:

9675 Verva energy drinks

5184 muffins

5250 snacks

3510 bottles of water


Foundation/Nadace Unipetrol      

·       Helpline for employees who need psychicological support in the crisis situation is planned to be launched (internal verification needed)
·       Online training program for employees‘ children until schools are re-opened (in co-operation with Khan school) to be launched next week
·       3D printer plus financial donation will be provided to school in Litvínov to print face shields to protect from COVID-19. Then, the shields will be sent to hospitals in Most and Litvínov. Financial donation for purchase of safety equpiment is also planned.
·       In co-operation with Harley–Davidson are streamed concerts with Czech pop stars and interviews with experts from Fire Rescue Services, Czech Republic Police, etc.



Donations mentioned above
- Safety measures for customers:

o   Benzina payment mobile application - payment for fueling by mobile phone directly at the fuel rack

o   Recommendation for credit cards usage

o   Disclosure of relaxation zones at petrol stations

o   Ongoing information for customers in company’s social media

Unipetrol Fire Brigade

- Tracking the spread of the virus in co-operation with the Integrated Rescue System 

- Ongoing internal communication regarding COVID-1920:

24 internal announcements, two CEO Letters and 14 articles on the Intranet, a special edition of GO! magazine on COVID-1920, governmental and corporate measures and procedures in case of occurrence of a disease; establishment of a website with information, questions and answers on coronavirus.

 Home office - maximizing home office whenever possible - 687 people (out of 2780); 100 additional laptops distributed among employees to enable work from home

 Safety measures:

o   Each employee received 1 liter of hand disinfectants for his family

o   temperature measurement at entry points

o   Restrictions and consequently a ban on business trips

o   Restricting the return of empoloyees coming back from high-risk countries/abroad (home office, preventive quarantine/ordered quarantine).

o   Minimizing meetings, limiting the number of participants (max. 10), setting min. safe distance 2 m; Recommendation of skype meetings, tele/video conferences.

o   Distribution of adequate personal protective and sanitary equipment for employees within the entire Unipetrol Group

o   Requiring more intensive cleaning, including the use of disinfectants.

o   Acquisition and deployment of hand disinfectants at entrances to buildings, control rooms, gates

o   preventive closure of canteens, only canteens with hot meals dispensed into portable packaging.


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