Benzina offers high-speed wireless internet at every filling station

13-06-2017 |

Benzina, the Czech Republic’s largest filling station network belonging to the Unipetrol Group, completed the coverage of all its 385 filling stations by high-speed wireless internet. ... more »

General Meeting of UNIPETROL, a.s

07-06-2017 |

The General Meeting of UNIPETROL, a.s. approved the compa-ny´s financial statements for 2016 ... more »

Unipetrol is the second best employer in the Ústí Region

05-06-2017 |

Unipetrol succeeded in the 15th Employer of the Year Award de-fending its second place in the Ústí Region in the category of up to 5,000 employees. ... more »

Spolana with extended business permit

29-05-2017 |

SPOLANA a.s. from Neratovice was granted an approval to change the integrated permit and extend the utilization of amalgam electrolysis for the production of chlorine and caustic soda until November 30, 2017. ... more »



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