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About us
The Unipetrol refinery and petrochemical group constitutes an important part of the Czech industry. It is the only crude oil processor in the Czech Republic, one of the most important producers of plastics and the owner of the largest network of filling stations.
In the field of refinery and petrochemical production, it is also a major player in Central and Eastern Europe. It has been part of the PKN Orlen refinery and petrochemical group since 2005.

Unipetrol’s Mission:

We process natural resources to fuel the future.

Unipetrol Group operates

  • 2 refineries with an annual conversion capacity of 8.7 million tons of crude oil
  • 3 polyolefin units with an annual capacity of 595,000 tons
  • Steam cracker unit with an annual capacity of 544,000 tons
  • more than 340 fuel filling stations
  • broad range of transport services 

Shareholders Structure

* As of 13 June 2016 (last available data) - according to a notification received on 21 June 2016 Paulinino Limited holds 20.02% share of votes. Companies Egnaro Investments Limited (with direct holding as of 13 June 2016 at the level of 0%), Levos Limited (0%), LCE Company Limited (0%), Neevas Investment Limited (0%), Uprecht Investment Limited (0%) and Mustand Investment Limited (0%) are companies acting in concert with Paulinino Limited and and at the same time they control the company.

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