School year 2016-2017 in Unipetrol’s Chempark: 500 students, eleven graduates and chemistry olympiad

13-07-2017 |

Nearly twenty high-school teachers from the Ústí Region met with representatives of Unipetrol, University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, and the Unipetrol Research and Education Center to sum up their cooperation during the school year 2016-17. ... more »

Unipetrol spent more than one billion crowns on environmental protection and reduced emissions

11-07-2017 |

The Unipetrol Group spent a total of 1.116 billion CZK on envi-ronmental protection in the Czech Republic last year. ... more »

Benzina offers high-speed wireless internet at every filling station

13-06-2017 |

Benzina, the Czech Republic’s largest filling station network belonging to the Unipetrol Group, completed the coverage of all its 385 filling stations by high-speed wireless internet. ... more »

Roman Kresta is back behind the wheel in the MOGUL Racing Team colors

13-06-2017 |

After more than three years, the legendary rally driver Roman Kresta is back among racers. ... more »



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