Unipetrol launched a discussion series focused on sustainability

17-05-2019 |

Unipetrol has initiated a new project “Let’s talk about it”. The project is a series of discussion videos with well-known science popularizer, Michael Londesborough. ... more »

Outdoor Fitness for Elderly and a Camp for Children: Unipetrol Employees Raised CZK 211,000 for NPOs

09-05-2019 |

As part of their annual charity entitled Fulfilled Wishes, employees of refinery and petrochemical group Unipetrol provide support to non-profit activities in the locations where Unipetrol has its manufacturing or research sites. ... more »

Continuity of fuel production and supplies guaranteed

29-04-2019 |

Currently, temporary suspension of supplies of contaminated crude oil to the markets on which the ORLEN Group operates does not affect the continuity of processing in the Group's refineries. ... more »

Fuel deliveries to the ORLEN Group filling stations in the region are stable

26-04-2019 |

The refineries in Płock, Litvínov, Kralupy and Mažejkiu, owned by the ORLEN Group, are working normally and the feedstock delivery to them is ensured. ... more »



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