A rarity: two peregrine pairs and five chicks in one industrial site

03-06-2021 |

The peregrine falcon is an endangered species, with only 110 pairs living in the Czech Republic. Yet, their number has grown in recent years thanks to strict protection. It is also because the peregrines have become fond of industrial sites... ... more »

Five peregrine chicks from Kralupy and Neratovice successfully ringed. They will soon leave the nest.

31-05-2021 |

The peregrine falcon is an endangered species that has become fond of the ORLEN Unipetrol Group’s industrial sites in recent years. High smokestacks of local facilities provide this bird of prey with enough peace and food to raise their young. ... more »

Schoolchildren from Most release 170 kg of new fish into the Bílina...

26-05-2021 |

This year, after a one-year break, the traditional fish release into the River Bílina took place in the children’s presence. This time, it was fourth graders from the Most primary school. They were joined by Jakub Petružálek... ... more »

ORLEN Unipetrol awards scholarships to 19 successful Educhem students from Meziboří

21-05-2021 |

ORLEN Unipetrol has awarded 19 students of all four years of the Educhem secondary school from Meziboří near Litvínov. They received merit scholarships for excellent study results in the school year 2019/2020. ... more »




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