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Board of Directors
Tomasz Wiatrak

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tomasz Wiatrak is a manager with more than 10 years of professional experience in optimization, restructuring, audit, project management and corporate governance. He is responsible for corporate governance, legal, retail management, strategy and business analysis, internal audit, human resources, communication, security and control and branch Benzina.
Katarzyna Woś

Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
Katarzyna Woś is responsible for procurement, marketing, facility management, personal data protection, corporate social responsibility and Unipetrol Nadace. Before coming to Unipetrol, Katarzyna Woś served as Vice-Chairwoman at Energa Informatyka i Technologie and worked for Electrolux Poland.
Maciej Libiszewki

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Maciej Andrzej Libiszewski is responsible for logistics, transportation of fuels and products, sales management, pricing and market intelligence, regulatory affairs management, accounting and reporting, controling, taxes, treasury including financing, SCM, IT and digitalization. He has served as Member of the Board of Directors in several companies over the past three years, including the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AWT BV, Amsterdam, Chairman of the Board of PKP Cargo and Vice-Chairman of POL-RAIL, based in Rome.

Member of the Board of Directors
Tomáš Herink is responsible for production and maintenance, energy, research and development, engineering and technology, business development, fire brigade, production optimazition, CAPEX investments projects, quality of production, health and process safety management, environmental, waste and water management, crude oil and natural gas purchase and supply and branch Polymer Institute Brno. Tomáš Herink began his career in Unipetrol already in 1999.

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