Unipetrol completes main investment in new PE unit

02-04-2020 |

Unipetrol has completed and officially commissioned the principal part of the construction of the new polyethylene unit (PE3). ... more »

Peregrines start nesting at Unipetrol and are sitting on eggs. Watch them online.

30-03-2020 |

The peregrine falcons are back! After one year, the peregrine pair has returned to the Litvínov chemical plant and is getting ready to breed. In the nest box at an elevation of 100 metres on the chimney of the heating plant... ... more »

Unipetrol provides protective equipment for employees. It also helps public institutions.

27-03-2020 |

Protective equipment is gradually distributed throughout the entire group. Disinfectant fluid is also distributed to local self-governing units and hospitals. ... more »

The current decision of the Unipetrol Crisis Committee is to reduce the planned shutdown of the Litvínov plant by 60 percent

20-03-2020 |

We fully realize the seriousness of the current situation and the sanitary risks associated with the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, following a thorough assessment of the situation and discussions with the competent state administration authorities... ... more »



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