ORLEN Group will build retail network on Slovak market

12-09-2019 |

The ORLEN Group is set to launch seven new service stations in Slovakia, as a next step towards expanding its business presence on the Slovak market, where the Company already enjoys a place among major wholesale fuel suppliers. ... more »

The story of Unipetrol falcons: An only chick; hidden nesting; a female without a partner and emigration to Germany

21-08-2019 |

The peregrine falcons living in some of the five nesting sites on Unipetrol chimneys in Litvínov, Kralupy nad Vltavou and Neratovice face various life situations. ... more »

Most and Litvínov inhabitants can submit improvement suggestions until end-August

20-08-2019 |

Inhabitants of the Most area still have two weeks to submit their ideas regarding community projects which will be included in subsequent voting for the projects to be implemented by the towns of Most and Litvínov together with Unipetrol next year. ... more »

Unipetrol invested nearly CZK 2bn in environmental protection last year

06-08-2019 |

Refinery and petrochemical group Unipetrol has long been committed to environmental protection. In 2018 it spent a record-high sum of CZK 1.87 billion in capital and operating expenditure on environmental protection. ... more »



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