Annual charity collection by ORLEN Unipetrol Group employees yields record CZK 619,000

14-03-2023 |

For the twelfth time, ORLEN Unipetrol Group employees have helped fulfil the wishes of people from non-profit organisations. In this year’s Fulfilled Wishes charity, they donated CZK 309,507 and raised the highest sum of money ever. ... more »

ORLEN Unipetrol opened a public hydrogen station in Prague, Barrandov

10-03-2023 |

The refining and petrochemical group ORLEN Unipetrol has started to offer a new type of fuel in its network of ORLEN Benzina filling stations. ... more »

ORLEN Unipetrol employees raise over CZK 200,000 for non-profit projects through sports activities

02-03-2023 |

It has now been seven years since the ORLEN Unipetrol refinery and petrochemical group started supporting its employees’ physical movement and changing activity kilometres into financial support for non-profit organisations... ... more »

Peregrine falcons on ORLEN Unipetrol Group’s chimneys get ready for nesting. Now also in Pardubice. Watch them online!

27-02-2023 |

This year is the 13th year of the joint monitoring of peregrine falcons by the refining and petrochemical group, ORLEN Unipetrol, and the ALKA Wildlife association on ORLEN Unipetrol’s production premises. ... more »



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