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Unipetrol hands over scholarships to Educhem students in Meziboří


Unipetrol has provided support to 22 students of Applied Chemistry at the Educhem secondary school in Meziboří u Litvínova in the second half of the school year 2018/2019. Talented students of the partner school of the refinery and petrochemical group, Unipetrol, have received motivational scholarships in the amount of CZK 78,000. Cooperation with Educhem is part of Unipetrol’s extensive support of chemistry and other natural sciences at secondary schools and universities.

“I am happy that we can reward the best chemistry students for their achievements and provide them with extensive support in their subsequent education and work in practice,” says Michał Chmiel, HR Director of the Unipetrol Group. “Educhem is one of our partner schools. We motivate its students not only by awarding them scholarships but also by giving them an opportunity to attend spring practical training courses at our company where they can apply their newly acquired theoretical knowledge and gain experience for their subsequent studies and future professional career in chemistry-related fields,” adds Michał Chmiel.

Our cooperation with Unipetrol is a great example of a combination of the system of education and manufacturing and business sector which brings advantages to all stakeholders – our students, our school and Unipetrol. The motivational scholarships and additional support such as practical training and student jobs at Unipetrol make the studies at our school highly attractive. Excellent study results and achievements in national competitions pave the way for the talented students as regards interesting professional careers, as many of our graduates have proved,” says Helena Kripnerová, Principal of the Educhem secondary school in Meziboří u Litvínova.
Financial scholarships are awarded twice per year to the talented students meeting the required criteria ranging from study average, through participation in competitions to representation of the school. The absence of unexcused missed hours and disciplinary sanctions is a matter of course. A total of 22 Educhem students qualified for the motivational scholarships totalling CZK 78,000 in the second half of the school year 2018/2019. They include Jan Veselý, a student of the fourth year at Educhem who received the maximum possible scholarship of CZK 4,000 thanks to his third place in the Student Scientific Conference which he attended last year.
By supporting students, Unipetrol seeks to boost the interest of young people in technical fields. Cooperation with Educhem includes not only scholarships, but also two-week practical trainings for students in higher years who attend the courses mostly in the Unipetrol laboratories in Záluží u Litvínova. The chemical plants also organise excursions, debates and workshops for students and teachers. Educhem graduates can start working in various manufacturing positions or continue their studies at University Centre UCT Prague - Unipetrol located directly on the premises of the Litvínov plant.



The Unipetrol Group is the largest refinery and petrochemical company in the Czech Republic. It focuses primarily on crude oil processing, distribution and sale of fuel and petrochemical products — particularly plastics and fertilisers. In all these fields, the group is a key player on both the Czech and Central European market. The Unipetrol Group includes refineries and production plants in Litvínov and Kralupy nad Vltavou, Paramo with the Mogul brand in Pardubice and Kolín, Spolana in Neratovice, and two research centres in Litvínov and Brno. Unipetrol also owns the Benzina network of petrol stations with 413 stations, which is the largest chain in the Czech Republic. Unipetrol is one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic in terms of turnover. The group created revenue of over CZK 130 billion last year and employs more than 4800 people. In 2005, Unipetrol became part of the PKN Orlen Group, the largest crude oil processor in Central Europe.
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