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Awards in 2023

Employer in the Czech republic
Organizer: Employers' Club
1st place in the nationwide round of up to 5,000 employees

Employer in the Ústí Region
Organizer: Employers' Club
1st place with up to 5,000 employees

The best employer
Organizer: Top Employers Institute
International certificate Top employer - prestigious worldwide award for the best employer of the year.​

Awards in 2022

Employer of the year 2022
Organizer: Employers' Club
3rd place in the nationwide round of up to 5,000 employees
2nd place in the Ústí Region with up to 5,000 employees

National award of the Czech Republic for social responsibility and sustainable development
Organizer: Quality Council of the Czech Republic
placement among TOP 6 - Socially responsible organization III. Degrees

TOP Responsible company
Organizer: Business for society
ranking among the TOP 20 large companies

Award of the Governor of the Ústí Region for social responsibility
Organizer: Ústí Region
3rd place in the category of large business organizations with over 250 employees

Honey from the Spolana factory 
The fifth gold medal in the Czech Honey 2022 competition.

Photo of falcons from the Litvínov chemist
Organizer: Czech press Photo
3rd place in the People and Environment category

Go!'s in-house magazine
Organizer: Golden Semicolon
1st place in the category Internal printed magazine and newspaper

We are a signatory of the Diversity Charter
The European Diversity Charter is a project of the European Commission. The aim is to support and introduce diversity, flexibility and inclusion as key values ​​in the labor markets of individual member countries. 

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